Logan Optical Designs, LLC

Logan Optical Designs (LOD) is a custom optical design consulting company with over 20 years experience in lens design, modeling and analyses of any optical system from single element optical designs to complex multi-element imaging lens designs.  LOD uses Zemax optical design code, which is capable of geometrical ray analysis, CAD importation and scattering analyses and physical optics propagation.  LOD started by Dr. Logan DesAutels in 2004 and has been using Zemax/Code V since 1995.  Some examples of LOD designs are given below or by clicking on the Designs tab.  .

LOD will develop any optical system to meet your specifications with a current product or prototype under development.

LOD will work closely with clients on all project issues including opto-mechanical, vendor selection, and procurement.  We will provide a timely response to enable our customers to meet project deadlines.

LOD areas of expertise are shown below:

       1. High power LED modeling and simulation; including electric circuit design.
       2. Laser diode modeling and simulation.
       3. High Intensity Discharge (HID) lamp reflector design.
       4. Astromonical telescopes.
       5. Zoom telescopes.
       6. Wide Angle (WA) lens design.
       7. Hypersectral lenses.
       8. Scan lenses and laser micrometer systems.
       9. Diffractive systems.
       10. Fresnel lens design.
       11. CAD imports of mechanical systems for optical analyses in Zemax.
       12. Anamorphic lens design.
       13. Laser beam linear propagation analyses.
       14. Femtosecond, nanosecond, and CW damage threshold experimentation and analysis.
       15. Femtosecond micromachining.
       16. High power CO2 and CO resonator design and analysis.
       17. Nonlinear femtosecond Zscan experimentation and analysis.
       18. Superconductivity research.
       19. Coefficient of linear and nonliear thermal expansion measurements on transparent materials.
       20. Optics cleaning on dielectric coatings as well as dielectric, gold and silver coatings.

LOD Software:

       1. Zemax optical design code
       2. Lighting Analysts AGi32 photometric optical software
       3. Mathcad mathematical software
       4. Matlab mathematical software
       5. All Microsoft software packages

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LOD Examples of Previous Work

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Contact Information:

       Owners: Dr. Logan DesAutels and Kristen DesAutels

       Phone: (937) 469-0756
       Logan's Email: ld@loganopticaldesigns.com

LOD Publications
"Research is what I'm doing when I don't know what I'm doing."

-- Wernher von Braun
LOD's Signature Design
Dr. Logan DesAutels with the LOD Lamp at an Army Conference
LHMEL CO2 Laser:
LOD has designed multiple optical designs, optical modeling
and a laser resonator for this laser system and other laser
systems at this AF facility.