G. Logan DesAutels, Ph.D.
Research Scientist
Optical Design Engineer


My experience spans over 20 years in the areas of optical design, research in Electro-Optics, research in physics, in addition to Army National Guard experience as a Stinger Missile crewmember.  Other areas of expertise include high power (15kW) laser design/research/analysis, damage threshold measurements, optical testbed design/development, Fourier optical analysis, Super Conductivity, laser scanning micrometer metrology and lens design (using Zemax or Code V).



BS, Physics/Mathematics St. Joseph's College, 1993
MS, Physics, Western Illinois University, 1994
MS, Electro-Optics, University of Dayton, 1998
PhD, Electro-Optics, University of Dayton, 2008

Zemax Professional Design Courses (equivalent to one university semester):
     1.  Optical Design Using Zemax, 1998.
     2.  Advanced Optical Design Using Zemax, 2003.
     3.  Stray Light and Non-sequential Ray Tracing Using Zemax, 2007.


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  2.   IEEE, Aerospace Conference Proceedings SBIR Phase I program, titled "Research and Development of an Integrated Electro-Optical and Radio Frequency        Aperture", this paper was also accepted into the IEEE Aerospace 2003 conference.
  3.   OSA, Optics Express, titled "Femtosecond Micromachining in Transparent Bulk Materials Using an Anamorphic Lens", 2007.
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  8.   Physics Letters A: "Femtosecond Index Change Mechanisms and Morphology of SiC Crystalline Materials", 2008.
  9.   SPIE  Optics & Photonics Conference Proceedings: "LED and Fresnel  Design and Characterization Using Zemax Optical Design Code", 7428-12, (2009).
  10.   Physics Letters A: "Femtosecond Bulk Transparent Material Processing and Recovery", submitted in 2009.


Logan Optical Designs, LLC: Optical Design Engineer/Research Scientist, Dayton OH, 2004 - Present

LOD Selected Optical Designs:

1.  Defense Research Associates (DRA):
       1.   Design and Implementation of a Wide Angle Hyper-spectral Lens (WAHL)
       2.   Designed a wide angle diffracting lens
       3.   Designed a 110 degree wide angle lens
       4.   Designed 9-de Maksutov-Cassegrain airborne telescope
       5.   Designed visible wide angle lens for various sensors

2.  Auburn University:
       1.  Designed a wide angle lens for Auburn University using only off-shelf optics

3.  WPAFB Air Force:
       1.   Designed a variable f-number telescope system
       2.   Designed a portable surgical field lamp using white LEDs and Fresnel lenses
       3.   Designed two relay imaging systems used in an Air Force damage test bed
       4.   Designed multiple laboratory telescopes
       5.   Designed anamorphic lens/telescope for femtosecond micromachining
       6.   Designed two achromatic lenses for an image system/experiments experiencing chromatic aberrations
       7.   Designed diffraction limited scene projection collimator

4.  Burnham Hydronics, US Boiler Company:
       1.   Design of three Peep-hole lenses used in industrial boilers for Burnham Hydronics, US Boiler Company

5.  Pacific Insight Corporation:
       1.   Analyzed CAD imported LED mixer using RGB LEDs
       2.   Analyzed CAD imported LED mixer using RGB LEDs and plastic optical fibers (POFs)

6.  OLC, LLC:
       1.   Designed 15 inocular lenses to be aspheric from spherical

7.  Steuart Systems, LLC:
       1.   Designed a 90-deg off-shelf wide angle lens system
       2.   Designed a 90-deg custom wide angle lens system
       3.   Designed a 60 RGB LED light source with Fresnel lenses

8.  IOL, Inc.:
       1.   Designed one positive intraocular lens
       2.   Designed one negative intraocular lens

9.  Voyage Medical, Inc.:
       1.   Designed a fiberscope achromatic relay lens to correct for spherical and chromatic aberrations

10.  Beta LaserMike:
       1.   Designed a series of laser line micrometers using a laser diode and collimating lens.

AT&T Govt. Solutions, Research Scientist, Dayton OH, 2003 – Present

Mission Research Corporation, Research Engineer, Dayton OH, 2001 – 2003

Anteon Corp. at WPAFB LHMEL (Laser Materials Evaluation Laboratory) Facility (high power laser facility), Scientist/Engineer, Dayton OH, 2000 – 2001

Beta LaserMike, Optical Engineer, Dayton, OH 1997 – 2000

University of Dayton at WPAFB LHMEL Facility (high power laser facility), Research Assistant, Dayton OH, 1996 – 1997                                   

University of Dayton, Teaching Assistant, Dayton OH, 1995 – 1996

Western Illinois University, Research Assistant, Macomb IL, 1994 – 1995

Western Illinois University, Teaching/Research Assistant, Macomb IL, 1993 – 1994

Army National Guard, Stinger Missile Crew Member (16-S), 1992 – 1998
LOD Publications